Thursday, August 30, 2007


After supper P3 and Joyce made chocolate pudding for dessert. They took the bowl and 2 spoons out on the front step to share it.

P3's truck

P3 and Joyce stayed late on Tuesday to paint. I think they both did very good jobs!

Joyce's paintings

Joyce painted several cards to send to people.

Annabelle at OCB

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Singing in the spirit...

Mary leading the Sing-a-long

At Volant

Fern and Mary by the creek. That is an Amish buggy in the background.


We stopped at a tack shop, but it was closed. Mary has a horse at home in Alaska.

The Group

Fern, Betty, Marian and Mary.


I had the loveliest day! My dear friend, Fern, from college days was visiting with her daughter, Mary. Fern and family have been living in Alaska for many years. I had thought I might never see her again in this life, though I am sure of seeing her in the next.
We gathered at Fern's sister's place and traveled north to Volant, Lake Arthur, and McConnell's Mills. We were driven by Marian, a former neighbor, but still good friend of Betty and Fern.
While I thoroughly enjoyed the entire day, I have to say that the most fun was in the evening. After a sumptuous meal prepared by Betty Ann, Sister Gladys joined us for a wonderful sing-a-long accompanied by Mary on the accordion. All of these sweet, loving, women have beautiful voices and oh, how they could harmonize! The pure joy of that time brought tears to my eyes. God is so good to bless me with such friends and such pleasurable times!

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Joyce wanted to make cards for a number of people. This was for her Aunt Louise. As always, she did a very good job!


On Tuesday the boys decided to make necklaces for Natalie using foam beads. Amy brought corn on the cob from their garden which we had for supper. Yummy stuff!

Friday, August 17, 2007


Charlie's sunflowers are spectacular!

Star Lilies

The star lilies were full of blossoms and the scent from them was wonderful!


This butterfly was on the mint just outside my front door.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Annabelle and Daniel

Daniel wanted to show me how Annabelle stands by herself, but she did not seem to want to perform for him. She is changing and learning new things all the time. She can wave bye-bye and crawl. Amy told me that one night she came into Annabelle's room and found her standing in her crib, but fast asleep! Too bad she did not get a video of that!
Oh, and notice that her hair is not standing straight up? It finally flopped over. That makes her look a bit different too.


I had a good time strolling around Charlie's garden after my chiropractor appointment. It is looking beautiful! There are loads of tomatoes, flowers and not many weeds. Charlie works very hard.
I had a nice visit with him and he sent me home with 2 small zucchini, an eggplant and some eggs. The little chicks he got earlier are about full grown now. There is a rooster -I heard him crow!



Yes, those are tomatoes. They are taking their good old time turning red.

Charlie's Garden

Joyce-- August 5, 07

This is one of Joyce's new outfits. The picture was taken in front of the church. She looks so grown up!

Uncle Bob

It was wonderful to see Uncle Bob again!

Aunt Mary Jane

Aunt Mary Jane arrived in an Access Bus which enabled her to travel in her wheel chair. Despite her many infirmities, she was determined to attend and was very sad when time came to leave. I think she had a wonderful time!

Balloon animals

Brian entertained the kids by making animals from balloons.

Imm Family Reunion

Saturday, August 4, 07, was the Imm reunion, held at the Logans Ferry Church picnic grounds overlooking the Allegheny River. I rode down with P2 and the 3 big kids. It was a very hot humid day, but there was a nice breeze, so it was not terribly uncomfortable. It was one of the smaller gatherings, but I think everyone had a pretty good time. This year there were swings for the kids and a big tank of water was very helpful for all. The food was great and I enjoyed visiting with cousins and U Bob and Aunt MJ.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


These hollyhocks grow right outside Charlie's

J-" the penguin"

The 3 big kids were in a play at the YMCA.


Annabelle is very much her mama's girl. She does not like being left, but last time it was a shorter time and she seemed much happier. Of course all the kids were here and she can crawl around more, so perhaps she is less frustrated.

Sand art

Publish PostJoyce came over one day to make use of her sand art kit - a birthday gift.

Daniel - too cute!

Annabelle with Chocolate

Too little to roast marshmallows, but who cares? Annabelle takes her chocolate seriously.


J and the chickens

Joyce had the girls eating out of her hand!

Camp Grandma

Marilyn had all the Blair grandkids for several days of camp.

Day lilies

Reviewing July

It has been over a month since my last post - time to get caught up! This summer has been a wonderful time for me. I got to baby sit a few times, went to a Hawaian party, baked bread, enjoyed visiting with my neighbors, read a few books and appreciated my air conditioner.
July began with car trouble and P2 to the rescue. He managed to patch the exhaust together one more time and replaced a valve. A clamp on the exhaust pipe had fallen off on the way home from the dentist in Zelionople, but a very nice Christian couple stopped to help me. The fellow crawled under the car and wrapped a bungee tie around the tail pipe to keep it from dragging on the way home. Once again the Lord provided special help in what could have been a very trying circumstance.

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