Sunday, January 29, 2012

Charlie's birthday January 28

Charlie stopped by on Friday with some eggs. He recalled the year that Mum turned 60... He said that the first thing she said to him the morning of her birthday that year was, "Well, I made it!"
He said he only had one day to go and then he could say the same. It is a bit unnerving to me to think that my baby brother is 60 years old. I remember when he was born..Grandma Imm came to stay with us for the week - it seemed to take longer to have a baby in those days. She packed our lunches for school and had us cleaning our rooms and neatening everything in the house to get everything in order for the new baby. Those were exciting days! When Dad's car came up the drive we could hardly contain ourselves. We joked that Charlie looked like an Indian baby, because of his skin color... he was slightly jaundiced. Mum did not approve of our making fun of her beautiful baby. We each got to hold him sitting on the sofa and were in awe of how tiny and soft he was. I thought it was very special to have a baby brother. I still think it is a great blessing.

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