Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I love my Mommy!

Kim worked for Dr. Cimperman, but is now going to school. I got this picture of her with her little daughter, on Monday when we were at the office for adjustments.

Joyce and P3

I tried to get a picture of Joyce standing on her head, but she kept falling over before I could snap the picture. I have several of pictures of her falling.

Hello Baby!

David got down close to talk to his baby sister.

Sara Jane and Annabelle

Taken at church on February 11

Dona with Annabelle

This was taken at church last Sunday, February ll.

Happy Valentines Day!

P2 and Amy went out to dinner last evening despite the nasty wintry weather. When P2 came by for the kids [who were staying with me] he brought this bouquet of flowers. What a lovely surprise!


We seem to be fully entrenched in winter! I don't know what our snow total was, but it must be close to a foot. We got freezing rain after a substantial snowfall yesterday and then more snow on top of that. I cleaned my car off this afternoon- a major undertaking, but not quite as bad as I anticipated. The sides of the car were glazed over in ice, but having a layer of snow on the car prevented all over glazing. The snow was crusty, but soft underneath and brushed or pushed off easily for the most part.
It is about 12 degrees right now and will dip lower overnight. Brrr.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Braving the cold...

I did not sleep well last night and got up with brain fog at about 6am. I checked the temperature- it was -6 degrees! Despite the cold, it has been a fairly good day. The sun is shining and the sky is blue! My kitchen trash "runneth over," and so, being mindful of Cynthia Stout, I took my garbage out. I also retrieved the mail and started my car. It started without difficulty, -amazing as it has been sitting for several days in bitter cold. I had a nice chat with ME this morning and with Charlie this afternoon. Now, I need to get Aunt MJ on the phone and see how she is doing. Today I am making a pot of chile for supper. That ought to warm me up a bit!

Saturday, February 03, 2007


It is a bitterly cold day today! I had planned to do laundry, but gave that up when I realized how cold it was outside. I am not sure how low the temperature dipped overnight, but when I got up the courage to check this morning it was 4 degrees. The wind is whipping the snow around wildly, giving the effect of a full blown blizzard at times, although I don't think it is actually snowing.
I spent the morning doing this and that and the afternoon trying to get caught up on my Bible study which will resume on Tuesday.
I am content to be indoors today. My little cottage is warm and cozy. I have things to do to keep me busy.
Tomorrow baby Annabelle will be 1 month old. She is growing and changing. What fun to have a new baby to enjoy!

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