Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mm, mm - GOOD!

Have a bite...


Where to put those M&Ms? Mouth...or cookie?


David and Annabelle had a good time decorating with M&Ms.

Making cookies

Joyce and Daniel mixed up the cookie dough. Joyce is very good at measuring and Daniel is very good at stirring things together.


Last week was cold and snowy! This was taken just outside my front door.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Annabelle makes cookies!

Pretty good for a 1 year old!

Cookie time

Last Monday everyone pitched in to make scrumptious chocolate chip cookies.

Is this the right coat?

After a meal at Pizza Hut Annabelle got into her big brother's coat. She is sooo cute!

Rachel and Ginny

These lovely ladies came last Saturday and reorganized and cleaned my kitchen. What a generous and kind thing to do! They had great ideas and I feel very blessed by their work!

Joyce with Fancy cake

This was taken 2 weeks ago at the church dinner. One of the girls from church took a cake decorating class for her work, and used her new skill to put roses on cupcakes for the dinner. They were beautiful!!!

Amanda with Eli

Marilyn with some grandchildren

Joyce, David and Essie with their grandma. Don't those girls have million dollar smiles including Grandma!!!


Marilyn with Annabelle

More gifts!

These were hand made by Joyce and David.

The boys

Daniel, Eli and Isaac.

Opening gifts

Gaylie and Essie watch eagerly as Marilyn opens gifts.

Gayle enjoys dinner

Gaylie looks like a perfect lady. The girls all got new earings and outfits for this special occasion.

Watching the plane come in.

Joyce's hairdo

Her hair really did look spectacular! Of course she has a lot of beautiful hair to work with, but Aunt JJ is a braiding champion.


Here she is - looking radiant!

Entering the Runway

Marilyn is entering the Runway restaurant with her grandchildren to celebrate her retirement from Butler Memorial Hospital. It was a great night! All the family was there and the food was excellent!

Annabelle with Teddy

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