Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A rainy day

The rain in raining all around.
It falls on field and tree.
It falls on the umbrellas here
and on the ships at sea.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Look Who is Driving!!!

Yummy icecream

Do it yourself Banana Splits

A and Esther -cousins


S'More time

The kids love this tasty treat. I think they love roasting marshmallows as much as eating the s'more!

David and his Grampa Blair

Kids and leaves


Annabelle, the reluctant rider.

Annabelle likes pizza!


Becky, Wendy and Amy with baby Annabelle.

Chicken Chasing

This is a sport all the kids seem to enjoy. Not sure how the chickens feel about it. That is Gaylie going after the hens while Isaac looks on.


Esther the climber

The swing set got a major work out over the weekend!

Giddy-up! Yahoo!

David - age 3

Gaylie - age 3

Eli with Grampa Blair

Isaac and Aaron

The boys discovered that they have the same middle name -Josiah. They seemed to hit it off right away!

A Picnic Weekend

All Marilyn's family, Becky's family, Charlie and I were together for a picnic weekend. First came Amanda's pizza picnic, then a bbq ham sandwich picnic. The kids really had a great time playing and the grown ups had a great time visiting.
Nathan Cox had a game in Youngstown Friday night, so they stayed over and came here Saturday in time for lunch. Then we made our way down to Blairs for the fun.
This pic shows Aaron and Nathan drawing.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Actually that is a hollyhock that planted itself under the rhododendron and grew up through it.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Annabelle enjoys sticking her tongue out. She is so adorable!

The water dumping station

It took a little practice to figure which rope to pull on to raise the bucket or lower it. The kids loved dipping the bucket into the water, raising it high and then dumping it to make a big splash. Needless to say, no one leaves this room dry.

Three Stooges Plumbing Company?


Joyce is turning a crank at the side of the stream that creates a whirlpool. As you can see she has trapped her boat and it is spinning with the water,

David the Sailor Man

The water room was great fun! David is about to launch his vessel down the stream.

The sand box

The green sand was particularly pretty. They could have spent hours here.

David in charge

This boy is fascinated by knobs and the lights make it even more fun.

The Light Board

This looked like peg board and the kids could move the lighted pegs around to any arrangement that pleased them. Even little Annabelle liked this activity!

Daniel and P3

This room had all sorts of craft items and tools. It was hard to decide where to start or what to make.

David on the slide...

David seemed to love the slide, but I think he enjoyed climbing the net about as much. There were easier ways to get to the slide, but they were not as much fun.

The Children's Museum

That is David and Joyce climbing the net which leads to a slide.

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