Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Learning and Playing with Puppets

David and Annabelle love to play with the puppets that my friend, Fern sent in a big box a few months ago. They insist that I join the play. The rule is that you have to "be" the puppet that you chose. You dare not step outside of your role.
David loves Mr. Owl who is wise and kind and usually knows what to do. Miss Pinky [a flamingo] is Annabelle's favorite. She is motherly and likes to cook. Lately, I have been Spotty, the puppy, who is afraid of everything and needs comfort from Miss Pinky.
The last time we played Spotty was lost and hungry as well as afraid. Miss Pinky rushed to console him and tried to phone his mother from the cell phone she keeps under one wing. She petted him and brought him pretend macaroni.
Spotty: Mr. Owl, are you the wisest of all the creatures?
Mr. Owl: Yes, I am.
Spotty: Do you know who is the king of the whole universe?
Mr. Owl: Of course. That would Yes, God.
Spotty: Where does God live?
Mr. Owl: He lives in heaven. And guess what? God will take care of you.
Spotty: How can he take care of me? He is in heaven and I am lost in the forest?
Mr. Owl: God is also right here beside you. He is in heaven too. .. Well... I guess a piece of Him is here and a piece is in heaven. I don't really get it, how HE does that. But I know that God will take care of you..

David and Annabelle with Puppets

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