Friday, January 25, 2008

Musically inclined

The kids all took turns playing the key board. Joyce asked me to give her lessons. I wish I could, but I really don't know how to properly play myself. I can only show her what I have figured out...
Joyce stayed after the other kids went home. We had a nice time. She helped me straighten up the living room and we had dinner together. Joyce made delicious cheese biscuits! We were just finished when Linda arrived with two papers for me to look at. P3 came to pick up Joyce just a few minutes after Linda.


Annabelle's hair has been hanging in her eyes, so today I found a bobby pin to hold it back. I figured that she would pull it right out, but she did not seem to mind it at all. She does look different, though.


Annabelle likes to play with the refrigerator magnets. She just dropped the little red heart -I think it went under the refrigerator.

What a pickle!

The first thing David asked for was a pickle. He soon polished it off and asked for popcorn.

Busy Joyce

Yesterday the kids were here for a little while. Joyce got busy right away making cards for people who need them. She also spent a good bit of time holding baby Annabelle, who has a cold and wants to be held. No one else but Joyce suits her for this job.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bye, bye....

David is wearing his big brother's gloves and the engineer's cap he got for Christmas. He is too cute!


It turned out to be a pretty cute little train!

Today's project

The kids brought a gingerbread train kit which they had been given last year for Christmas. They all worked on it and ate some of the frosting and candies as they worked.

A arrives in red

Annabelle did not feel well today. She had a runny nose and wanted to be held all the time. Since her mother was not here she preferred Joyce. Poor Joyce had aching arms!

Monday, January 14, 2008


David wanted to play "Moono" today.

The Grandma Afghan

Yesterday, we celebrated birthdays {Daniel's and Amy's} . Marilyn gave Amy this beautiful afghan! Today, the kids had it here and played peek-a-boo with Annabelle.

A snowy day...

This is the view from my front door today. It began snowing yesterday evening as we were driving home from the Hartwood light display. We do not have a lot of snow, but it is a bit blustery. Today the little buttercup that Joyce found near the church seems more precious...


Yesterday, after church, Joyce found this little buttercup and gave it to me. I put it inside my Psalter. It is a rare thing to find a buttercup growing in the middle of January! But we have had some warm days...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Spray cans

I seem to have become spray can challenged. I use butter spray and/or canola spray every day, and I do not remember having problems with spray cans in the past, but...
A few days ago I dropped the canola spray as I was using it. The plastic tip flew off and hunt as I would, I could not find it. It must have gone under the stove or refrigerator. Not to worry - I took the tip off the butter spray and it worked fine on the canola! The two spray cans have been sharing the same tip ever since -no problem. Until today, that is. Today, I had a problem. I accidentally bumped the butter spray off the counter. "Oh no," I thought, "if I lose the tip off this can I will have to buy another spray can of something just to be able to finish off these two nearly full cans." When I picked up the can, I was relieved to see that the tip was still on. The relief, however, was brief as I realized the nozzle was spraying butter and would not stop, no matter how I jiggled and wiggled the tip. Finally, I pulled the tip right off. Now, instead of spraying butter, the can was emitting butter foam! It did not stop until the can was empty and my sink was full of yellow clouds of billowing, butter foam!
Has anyone else ever had this sort of thing happen?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Chocolate overload...

Annabelle helps Joyce

Happy Annabelle!

Chocolate cures the blues...

Annabelle is not happy.

A, J, and DC

So that is what happened to my Post-a-notes! Annabelle pulled them apart while J played the racing game.

Racing games on the internet

David is typically the first to ask for the internet and he did play for a while, before he got into the stickers. When the big kids got excited about the races Annabelle wanted to play too.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Smiling Annabelle

Fat Chap's

On the way home we stopped at Fat Chap's Restaurant for supper. The parking lot was very icy, but we got in and out without any mishaps. The kids gasped in amazement when P2's "Wedge" was served. He took a good bit home with him in a doggie box.

Annabelle with her Daddy

Annabelle enjoyed wearing her big brother David's engineer hat!

Checking their lists...

Everyone who can read gets a lists of things to look for in the display. The campfire was really hard to find as it had gone out. When it was "relit" we found it pretty easily. The toughest one to spot was Wiley Coyote. He was hanging from a crane and seemed to blend into the background like a chameleon.

The display

Kids with Dieter

The big kids are vying for "Uncle Dieter's" attention.

Dieter Amy and Annabelle

"Now it is safe to smile at the nice man," thinks Annabelle.

Dieter with Annabelle and Amy

Annabelle flirted a little, but she is still her Mama's girl.

M&M people

The boys spotted some M&M people under the little Christmas tree. Having just gotten a set of M&M Star Wars characters for Christmas, they were very interested in their find.

Daniel and P3

At one point the little train under this tree got going so fast it was in danger of flying right off the track.


Joyce is checking out a historical display.

Dieter, Paul and Daniel

It was so nice to see Dieter again! The kids were really thrilled to see him!

Dressed for the part

David proudly wore his new engineer hat to the train display.

Getting started

This is a view of the "longest train" going around the corner. We think there were 42 cars.

Emlenton Railroad Display

On Saturday we went to the Emlenton Railroad Display. It is done from scratch each year and is a fairly large display. The kids really enjoy "The Black Button," which is a train whistle.

Thursday, January 03, 2008



Today the 3 big kids were here and crafting.


All the Blair kids love doing crafts. Even little Annabelle joined in. She seemed to be having a little trouble with those stickers. They are just so... so STICKY!


David decorated this Christmas tree from his GMa's seemingly endless supply of stickers.


After food and presents etc. Marilyn pulled out some crafts and the kids busied themselves. P3 made a train.

The new purse

David helped Annabelle open her gifts. I think he liked this little purse. It was pretty cute!

David and John


It's Chocolate!

Annabelle soon got into it and obviously enjoyed herself!

What's this?

Annabelle seemed slightly disappointed when the beautiful pink cake was moved away and this little brown cake was put in front of her.

Happy Birthday Annabelle!

Annabelle loved her beautiful cake decorated in pink roses.

Singing squirrel

Everyone enjoyed the singing squirrel [One of Marilyn's Christmas gifts} that sang, "I'm gettin nuttin for Christmas."

Star Wars

The boys brought the M&M Star Wars characters they got for Christmas to show everyone.

Birthday balloons and gifts.

A New Year...

On New Year's Day we gathered at the Blair/Zombeck home for sauercraut and pork and a table full of snacks. We also celebrated Annabelle's first birthday, although she will not be officially One year old until January 4, 2008.

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