Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A pretend nap...



Happy Birthday Paul

Spaghetti Dinner

Annabelle at work

Annabelle is setting up the table for dinner. Wouldn't you think the boys would help???

J with A and W with Eli

Essie and Eli

A crochet lesson

Essie is getting a crochet lesson from her grandma.

Isaac's afghan

Wendy, Gaylie, and Essie admire this beautiful afghan!

Video games

Eli and Marilyn

On Sunday evening we went down to Blairs to celebrate Paul's birthday. It was so nice to see the Valentines! Eli seems to be a very bright and happy boy!

John Deere afghan

The final stitches....

Joyce is putting the final stitches on her Dad's afghan.

Sticky fingers

Annabelle seemed to enjoy eating the frosting and decorations as much as she enjoyed decorating her cakes.

Valentine cupcakes

All 5 of the kids made Valentine cupcakes and mini cupcakes. They each took a sample home and then Paul and Joyce and I gave the rest to my neighbors - who all seemed to be quite pleased with their gift!

David's Windmill

Once again, I am behind in posting, so today I will try to get caught up.
David was very proud of his windmill. He showed us how he could spin it around. Unfortunately, the spokes began flying out when he got it going fast.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

A crochet lesson

While the rest of us watched one of the movies that Charlie brought, Marilyn gave Joyce her first crochet lesson.

David gets the chair...

Well, he gets the chair for the moment, anyway! I think Annabelle will also like this chair. It talks when you sit on it and makes all sorts of sounds.

Charlie and David

Charlie brought toys and movies [vcr] for the kids. Charlie has friends who give him these things to pass on to his little nieces and nephews. All the kids seemed to enjoy this one for its sounds - it is probably age appropriate for David.

Happy Birthday to Charlie...

Charlie's birthday

This evening we got together to celebrate Charlie's birthday.

The Pickpocket!

I thought this was a very sweet picture of Annabelle with her grandfather, but look where her little hand is!

Annabelle the angelic

Amy took this picture of Annabelle asleep on the way to church this morning.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Three Stooges?

David and Joyce had orange sherbet for dessert. Paul is the only person I know who can pick his nose with his tongue. His parents must be very proud! Hmmmmm...?


Daniel looks as though he has reached his saturation point...

A at OCB

Annabelle seemed to prefer her shoe...

OCB David and Paul

After the "bang up" job on Annabelle we went over to OCB where there are lots of choices at the buffet.


A new look

Almost finished...

The world must look a bit different to Annabelle now. Less "hairy" perhaps?

A gets "banged up!"

J & A are in the chair...

Annabelle was not at all pleased with the lady who squirted her with water!

Approaching the salon...


Annabelle is not suspecting that she is about to have her first haircut.

Free Pretzels!!!

Today a shop at the mall offered free pretzels! The family on the other side of our table are home school and Bible study friends of the kids.

Friday, February 01, 2008

February 1, 2008 - icestorm

This was the view outside my front door today. That is ice all over the tree and ice all over the ground. It was beautiful and sparkling. Unfortunately, there is also ice all over my car. I am so thankful that the ice was all cleared off the parking lot and sidewalks. Now everything is covered in a layer of snow.


Daniel worked on a card and then helped David work on one.

David and Paul


Jelly Belly Beans


Annabelle, like Linus, carries her grandma blanket around with her.

Annabelle and J

That is a shiny green sticker on Annabelle's nose! Put there, no doubt, by her teasing siblings!

The Craft Basket

Daniel surprised me by getting the basket down by himself. It is heavy as it contains stickers, papers, fancy scissors, markers, pens, and some rubber stamps.

Joyce and David making cards


Joyce and Annabelle

Joyce is Junior Mom. Annabelle definitely prefers her to the boys. Joyce always seems to know how to please her baby sister. I wonder who she is calling on the phone?

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