Thursday, April 30, 2009

The little wooden train at Old Economy

The Bed

The kids tried out a rope bed fitted with a straw mattress and a feather [down] mattress. Annabelle seemed to prefer the downy feathers.

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The tour of Old Economy


We were not supposed to take photos inside the houses that we toured, but the gardens outside were lovely.

Old Economy

We began by watching a video about the history of Old Economy and then our guide appeared in costume for the tour.

The gym and Mini golf at Senecca Hills Camp

Daniel Spiderman Blair on the Rock Wall

P3 on the Zip line...

The tour of Senecca Hills

We saw the chapel, and then went over to the girl's cabins. They look just like they looked long ago, when I was a camper. From the cabins you can look across at what used to be the dining hall with the steps leading up to it.

A with P2 and P3's new hat

Registering and waiting for a tour at S.H.

Checkers at Senecca Hills

Charlie's garden and a bird's nest...

Spring flowers and chickens...

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