Saturday, August 16, 2008

David and the giant grape

Grapes were on sale for 99 cents this past week at Giant Eagle. I got red, green and black. They were all huge and delicious!

Annabelle shines

Annabelle loves to play with the flashlight. She shines it and tries to catch the light in her hand.

Charlie's produce

Charlie has been supplying me with yellow and green zucchini, green peppers and peaches from his garden as well as eggs from his chickens. It really helps my food budget and helps me to stay on my diet!

Bible Jingo

I found this Bible Jingo game at the thrift store. It was missing markers, so the kids got the bright idea of using coins from the frog bank as markers. They shook a lot of coins out and Annabelle had a great time putting back all the extras.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Star lilies...

I think they are called star lilies. They are gorgeous! The scent of them is wonderful..

Barred rock

Charlie's garden...

The sunflowers surrounding Charlie's garden are spectacular!
Can you see the butterfly on the zinnia?

Enjoying the fruit of his labor

Daniel was very enthusiastic about turning the handle on the ice cream maker. They made two batches - vanilla and orange. Both were very yummy!

Slave labor...

P2 showed how to turn the handle and the kids each took a turn. Daniel and Annabelle seemed to enjoy the process the most.

Packing the bucket...

Can you guess what we had for dessert?

Redneck ice crushers

While we waited...

While we waited for the food to cook, we watched the fire. Fire never seems to lose its fascination. Annabelle enjoyed pushing her little cart around.

Look what I caught!

No, it isn't a fish. It is the husk from a well done ear of roasted corn!

The chef

P2 is preparing vegetable packets containing zucchini, carrots potatoes, and Mrs. Dash garlic seasoning.

Redneck buffet table

Redneck cookout

The Blairs invited me over for a cookout. P3 is banking the fire pit so that the fire will be just right for cooking.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Goodbye Annabelle

See you next time....

The superhero

When I was getting into my car I discovered a superhero in the passenger seat!

Red neck water sports

Who needs a pool? You can get just as wet from a spray bottle.

Spiderman, aka David


Annabelle is posing so nicely! She loves to play in the dirt, but is not fond of getting it all washed off.

Barred Rock

This is one of Charlie's newer chickens. It is at least half grown. It will be a few months until it begins to lay eggs. I think they are beautiful chickens!

The star lilies

These were my mother's lilies. They are spectacular in appearance and the scent is wonderful!


Annabelle is on the phone as we travel home from church.


I guess church day wears him out!

The girls


This is Annabelle's little friend.

Joyce in her new hat

Joyce designed the hat at her Grandma's house.

Daniel's new image

When Daniel saw his Dad in a tie he asked if he could wear it to church. He needed a little assist in getting it tied properly. The result: very spiffy!

Annabelle goes digital

The chocolate icecream kept slipping off her spoon, so the clever Annabelle found a better way to get the tasty treat to her mouth.

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