Monday, January 12, 2009


Beginning late Friday and all day Saturday, we had the biggest snow we have had in quite a while. I am not certain how much snow we got total, but Amy measured the snow on top of my car early Saturday afternoon at 8 inches. We got about 2 more inches and we also got a layer of ice [freezing rain]. Dino was kept busy all day trying to keep the sidewalks passable. The residents here phoned each other to check up and make sure everyone was ok. Bill got our mail for us. It was a dark dismal day as the sky remained gray, but still it was exciting to watch the snow pile up!

Cleaning up after the BIG SNOW

A good neighbor

Bill offered to get the mail for anyone who didn't want to risk the slippery sidewalks. In this picture he is bringing my mail to me.

David helps Annabelle

This must be after church. How nice to have a big brother to help out. Is that shoe on the wrong foot? Hmmm...

A discovers the wheel!

Annabelle entertains herself with a wheel from the tinker toys. She rolls it across the floor and chases it. She found that it works best on the tile floor in the kitchen.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


We made a trip to Shmicksberg one day. It is in Amish country and has lots of little stores and restaurants full of crafts and food. In one store that had a lot of pottery the kids spied a rabbit under the counter. It was love at first site for the kids. We also found a cheese place that sold delicious varieties of cheese.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Rabbit under the counter


Thanksgiving was at the Vulhops this year. She set a beautiful table! P2 and the boys made the favors on the left. Very clever! and tasty too!

P3 worked very hard on Thanksgiving cards for his uncles [Charlie, John and Keith]

Before and After

Joyce stayed overnight with me and in the morning we set out for Sara Jane Frankland's wedding in November.
Joyce put her hair in 6 braids and I put rag curls in the ends to make her hair curly all the way. The result was stunning! She was pretty as a picture!

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