Friday, August 10, 2012

Thunderstorm - How to Cope

Last evening, while Annabelle and David were here, we had a thunderstorm!  As the rumbling thunder got louder and lightning flashed and rain poured down, the children became visibly uneasy. Annabelle came and snuggled beside me in my chair and David asked if he could read the Bible? He ran to get the big Bible from my bedroom and hunted for the passage he wanted to read. As he read they both seemed to get calmer. After he read they decided to go through their ABC Bible memory program, taking turns reciting the verses and helping each other when one got "stuck." Annabelle had a little trouble getting the right chapter and verse numbers to go with the verses, but she knew the words to the verses very well. At one point in frustration, she declared that the Bible had way too many numbers!
It is a wonderful thing to see little children who know exactly what to do when they are afraid. Run to the Word of God and find comfort knowing that there is a GOD who is more powerful than any storm and is in control of it.
...a little child shall lead them. Isaiah 11:6b


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