Thursday, September 27, 2007


Joyce came over to help me sort out some of the boxes of crafts and etc, that JJ dropped off. We had a good time, even though we did not get finished. This is one of the games we came across. Joyce just had to try it out!

The last blooms of summer...

Having marigolds and cosmas in the same picture reminds me of the argument Dad and Uncle Harry had over which was the most beautiful flower. They got very loud in their defending arguments. Dad did not usually argue, let alone loudly argue, but I guess he had to get loud to keep up with Uncle Harry, who had a naturally loud, deep voice. Mum and I were the only other family members in the house at the time. We got a big chuckle over that silly debate.

Guess what this is?

I would expect the grown up Blairs to know this one. Anyone else want to guess? The flowers are a much prettier yellow than in this picture.

Dad's favorite flower.

Tall Dill!

This dill in Charlie's garden was over my head! This is the only shot I could get of it without picking it.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Picture perfect hair!

The girl who did Joyce's hair also did perfect French braids. All the kids looked great as you can see.

It is Joyce!

Joyce??? or an alien from another dimension?

David gets the chair

DC may not be loving it, but after getting a promise of ice cream and getting to wear this colorful cape that just might have been worn by Spiderman or Superman, he got through the ordeal pretty well.

P3 and DG get the chair(s)


David was not happy about getting his hair cut.

Haircut day!

Today I went with Amy and the kids to Vo Tech for haircuts. This is a preparation for having their pictures taken later. While Amy took care of business, Joyce attempted to entertain David by spinning with him on an office chair.


Mum loved these huge blooms, and so do I!

A with Charlie's little yellow tomatoes

Annabelle was fascinated with the bowl of tomatoes. I am not sure that she realized the little balls were actually edible...


Quality time...

Daniel doing tricks on the bike.


David loved making bubbles! That is Charlie in the background, bringing over a bowl of little yellow tomatoes from the garden. The chickens follow him around like pets.

Labor Day Picnic

It was a lovely day! Not too hot or too cool. Daniel enjoyed riding the bike and doing tricks. The kids wrestled with their Uncle John, played badminton, and ate ice cream, and lots more! Everyone had a great time!

My garden

When my neighbor, Doris, moved, she left me the little fence to remember her by. There is a frog hidden in the mint. I never planted anything in the planter. I think the kids liked digging in it. They really love dirt!

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