Saturday, June 30, 2007

Two thumbs up!

I guess that says it all!

A star is born!


Even Annabelle had a good time - as long as her Mama was in sight.


After cake, the kids enjoyed playing the games.

Joyce with her Grampa Dietrich

When he was ready to leave all the kids gave him a goodbye hug - even Natalie!


Joyce and David had fun opening their gifts.

Thomas the Train Flashlight

David loved his Thomas flashlight.

Getting the candles in

Joyce's birthday cupcakes

David's Thomas Cake


David could not resist testing the blue frosting on his Thomas the Train cake.

The party room

The bowling alley had a special room set up for the party with a birthday themed table cloth.


P2 showed David how to use the ramp. He just had to give the ball a shove down the ramp. David was a very enthusiastic bowler.

Daniel chosing a ball





Happy Birthday!

This afternoon we celebrated Joyce and David's birthday's at the bowling alley. First the bowlers had to get their shoes on.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesday evening

I saw my first lightning bug of the season as I was driving home. Unfortunately, it was on the windshield of my car.


Joyce made biscuits this afternoon. They were yummy! We also managed to watch an old movie that Bill left here, entitled, "Calamity Jane," starring Doris Day. We both enjoyed it very much.

Banana Bread

Joyce mixed up banana bread to bake in the oven while we baked pizzelles in the pizzelle iron.


Joyce came over to work on a 4H project. She got it done fairly quickly, so she mixed up a batch of orange pizzelles.


As I sat under the trees the chickens came for a refreshing drink. Some came one at a time while others came in groups.

A shady spot

The ash and catalpa tree growing close together make a very cool shade in the yard. I remember sitting here with my mother on hot summer days. I sat there for a while on Monday and just visited the chickens.


I enjoyed walking around the garden and the yard. This is the first blooming sunflower of the season. It is a volunteer. I saw some other sunflower plants, but this is the only bloom right now.

Charlie's tomatoes

Charlie got lots of tomato plants in. The garden looks pretty dry right now. A good soaking rain would be good.

Saturday, June 23, 2007




Pall Bearers

We attended the funeral of our cousin, Joe Leah [Bud] Joe was a career military man. This is Greenwood Memorial Cemetery.

Carol and David

They brought a number of videos along as well as OTR cds. The kids really enjoyed watching HR PUFFnSTUFF. David showed his prowess at puzzles and letters.

Bill and P3

Bill and Carol visited this week and the 4 Blair kids came to visit them while Annabelle went with her mother for pt. Paul brought a number of cars and let Bill guess their make and year.

Singing Psalms?

That is a Psalm Book they are sharing and Annabelle does appear to be singing.

Doris comforting Annabelle

Joyce and the Red Hat

We were thinking of a glamour girl relay and I looked up some hats we might use. I think my mother would have enjoyed seeing her "dressing up." Do you see how her picture seems to be smiling down at her lovely great granddaughter?

Amy with Annabelle

Cook out

We gathered at Blairs for a cookout to celebrate Father's Day. David is eating a corndog which his grandma helped him peel. David likes his hotdogs unaccompanied, although he does like to dip them in catsup.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Help! I'm in a cage!

David and Joyce begged me to open the cage they had gotten stuck in...Actually they are standing under the spiral staircase.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Hope he does not graduate to lampshades! It was a wonderful time at Leah's today. Kenny has great stories of his experiences among the Amish. The kids had room to run. We did a lot of reminiscing and getting caught up. What a great day!

Annabelle and Daddy

Annabelle got a baby gift of several very cute outfits from Sandy.

David and Marie

David posed with Marie [Sandy's mother] and gave her 3 kisses and big hugs when it was time to leave. We had a supper of roast beef and mashed potatoes and Sandy gave each kid a bag of presents to take home.

David and Sandy

David gave Sandy hugs and kisses!

The driedup bear

Daniel announced that there was a "dried up bear" in the house. Looks like Joyce has made friends with it.

The bakery

This is Kenny's bakery from the outside. Joyce, Charlie, P2 and Kenny are on the porch.

Its not your Momma's mixer!

Charlie and Kenny

Charlie is sampling a loaf of Italian which is apparently the most popular. Kenny already has some customers. He bakes bread 3 days a week and delivers it.


Kenny explained that he builds a fire in the oven and then scrapes out the ashes with a long handled brush/scraper. The oven walls are very thick, so the inside stays very hot for a long time. Since the oven is so deep he uses this long handled paddle to get the loaves in and out of the oven.

The brick oven

Today after Church we headed over to Kenny and Sandy's for a visit. Kenny took us on a tour of his bakery. The opening to the oven looks small, but the inside is huge!

Julie and Annabelle

It was so nice to see old friends from years ago! Julie Lewis and Rose and Howard Potts were at the table next to ours. Julie seemed to really enjoy holding baby Annabelle!

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