Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas tree earrings

Annabelle wanted to borrow my Christmas tree earrings.
Annabelle: I will need them by Christmas Eve... so I can open my presents.

These beautiful reindeer earrings were one of her gifts. She also loved the bead necklaces in bright colors!

Bugs and Brews!

My friend from Alaska sent a box of puppets which Annabelle and David loved! The  ladybug was Annabelle's favorite.

She also included a tea set. Annabelle thought the oriental teacups were too hot to handle. She preferred the fancy English teacups. She loves to pour herself a cup of tea from the gold teapot!

Charlie waiting for Thanksgiving turkey...


After Thanksgiving dinner the quads came out.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Charlie's turkeys.. We had one for Thanksgiving. Dressed it was 40 lbs. Amanda bought a special big roaster pan, but the turkey still barely fit in the oven. Its feet touched the oven wall. The other turkey is still growing...

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