Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy B-Day to Jeffrey

Before the kids left they made cards for their cousin, Jeffrey, who is 3 years old this year. This was P3's card. It was about 2 1/2 feet high. He did an outstanding job!

More garden

The rhododendron is just starting to come out. Joyce painted a flower pot for me and planted marigolds in it. The big pot is for herbs, but so far all we have planted is chives.

The garden

The kids were here yesterday and did a wonderful job of pulling weeds and some excess mint that was hiding the beautiful iris. This is the first year that the iris has bloomed. Every day another bud opens.

Road kill?

Anyone recognize the poor unfortunate victim who was struck down in his prime by a pram?


Red neck bike



See how carefully she is putting the piece of hot dog onto her fork? Red neck kids have good manners!

Red neck kids


Is this a first class red neck affair or what? That barrel was our picnic table as well as Joyce's card table.

Burgers and Dogs

They really do taste better cooked over a hickory fire! We also buried some foil wrapped potatoes in the coals. They cooked fast - that was one hot fire!

Memorial Day Monday

This is the grill that P2 rigged from a truck wheel for the fire pit and the grill from his old gas grill. He also showed me how he can hang a pot over the pit to cook.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Little people

Daniel showing off...

Daniel enjoyed making Clara laugh by making disgusting noises with his armpit.

and more swingers...

Everyone had a couple of turns. At their request P2 pulled Daniel, P3, and Amanda high enough that they could touch the branch that the rope was looped over. Pretty brave stuff!!!


While the ladies were at the shower P2 entertained the boys by creating a special swing with his harness and rope - which he just happened to have with him as he had taken down two trees for Bill K. When the girls came out of the party they just had to have a turn too, so one by one they each got into the harness and P2 pulled each girl up while one of the boys gave a push to get her swinging!

Baby Shower

The ladies attended a baby shower for Nicky W on Saturday. It was a lovely affair and I think the new baby made out very well indeed!

Con Yeager gift bags

At the end of the tour the kids got blue bags of goodies and the adults got white bags. I have tried the salad toppings on my salads and on other things. It is really delicious!

More Con Yeager

The bottom picture shows orders being loaded onto a truck.
The middle picture shows a vat where spices or sausage is mixed.
In the top picture the guide is holding a bag of casings to be used for sausages.

Con Yeager

Last week I went along on a home school field trip to Con Yeager where they mix and package spices. We got to wear special hats. The bottom picture shows the store where you can purchase and order items. This is where we started...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Annabelle at church

Annabelle is wearing a new outfit from her Grandma! Sooo cute!!!


Annabelle liked her new little skirt and top outfit.

Having fun!


P3 using the kickboard


J and Daniel


This splash was made by P3.

P3 and Daniel

Hold you nose and dunk!


The instructor keeps a close watch.

Slippery Rock swimming lessons...

Joyce got this very cute swim suit covered with butterflies.

Campfire night

It was the first warm night in April, so P2 got the fire going and the kids got the marshmallows going. We sang some campfire songs and watched the fire. It brought back memories from my childhood when we did much the same thing. I remember some huge stumps in our front yard that we burned for years. They served as the base for our campfires. We had a lot of weiner roasts and often cooked potatoes wrapped in foil. There was no air conditioning in our house back then and those hot humid summer days could get pretty oppressive. It was definitely too hot to cook inside. After dark, we laid on the the cool grass and counted the stars. Dad would point out the big dipper and the north star.

Chicken hideouts...

These large bushes are favorite spots for the chickens. They were all exceptionally beautiful this spring.

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