Thursday, January 10, 2008

Spray cans

I seem to have become spray can challenged. I use butter spray and/or canola spray every day, and I do not remember having problems with spray cans in the past, but...
A few days ago I dropped the canola spray as I was using it. The plastic tip flew off and hunt as I would, I could not find it. It must have gone under the stove or refrigerator. Not to worry - I took the tip off the butter spray and it worked fine on the canola! The two spray cans have been sharing the same tip ever since -no problem. Until today, that is. Today, I had a problem. I accidentally bumped the butter spray off the counter. "Oh no," I thought, "if I lose the tip off this can I will have to buy another spray can of something just to be able to finish off these two nearly full cans." When I picked up the can, I was relieved to see that the tip was still on. The relief, however, was brief as I realized the nozzle was spraying butter and would not stop, no matter how I jiggled and wiggled the tip. Finally, I pulled the tip right off. Now, instead of spraying butter, the can was emitting butter foam! It did not stop until the can was empty and my sink was full of yellow clouds of billowing, butter foam!
Has anyone else ever had this sort of thing happen?


At 3:13 PM, Blogger Wendy said...

You butter not drop your cans anymore...HA. This was a very comical read...I miss you.


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