Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wednesday October 4, 2006

It is wonderful to be alive, to have things to do, things to look forward to! Today, I made it down to the chiropractor - something I always look forward to. I feel so good after my adjustments.
Today I visited with Charlie and walked around the garden- something I always look forward to, but thought I would not get to do today. The weather reports were for severe thundershowers with wind gusts up to 50mph - which did not happen. I found the cutest little pumpkin, which I brought home with me and Charlie and I picked bags of acorn squash and butternut squash. We found one zucchini that was not torpedo sized. The dill is flourishing also. I picked a bouquet of it and put it in an old blue canning jar to dry. It fills the front of my little cottage with its delicious fragrance.
Summer is definetly over and we are into fall. The leaves are turning and much of the garden has finished producing. It is amazing what can be found there though, if you look carefully. The peppers are turning a brilliant red. The pumpkin's bright orange almost seems to glow against the dry brown cornstalks. The flowers are having their last hurrah. The first heavy frost and they will be gone. We spotted 2 little bright green tomatoes among the cornstalks- not where they belong, but a pleasant surprize.
Earlier today I visited one of my neighbors, Julie. She is certainly a "crafty" sort. Her home is full of the most interesting crafts. I wonder if I can get her to show me how to do some of her projects?


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