Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesday October 3, 2006

This morning was the women's Bible study. I was barely there on time. I couldn't seem to get in gear this morning. Oh well, a number of people were later than me. I enjoy the study very much. I met a woman who told me that she has fibromyalgia and has been going to the Butler Hostpital discussion group.
The Bible study is not very in depth, but that is ok. I love the prayer time- and the discussion was helpful.
The kids were here this afternoon. David slept nearly the whole time waking just before his mother came.
P3 wanted to make a Christmas card for his mother. It is a little early for that. Maybe he wants to be sure she remembers that Christmas is coming! Joyce made a birthday card. Daniel worked on a card for a little while then he got the blocks out and worked on building. The kids had popsicles and we started working a big 300 piece puzzle together. We made a good start, but that was all. After they left I spent the rest of the day off and on trying to do it. I finally finished. At least now I know that all the pieces are there.


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