Sunday, October 01, 2006

Today was an unbelievably great day! We made it to church where we heard an excellent sermon preached by Doug. I had gotten the Psalms from the bulletin on the internet, so we tried them out on the way down. The first one was tricky. We did not really know it, so when we got to church, I think P2 was very relieved to find that DJ was leading.

After church we went down to the Heinz Museum and wandered through the exhibits. It was a "Radical" day which means it was free. We had a great time! My big regret was that I forgot my camera. I missed so many opportunities for great pictures.
Amy, J and I walked through the First Lady exhibit. It was fun to see the clothing that first ladies wore. Some of the old dresses were works of art! We saw some dishes, jewelry and other artifacts as well as lots of photos.
There were a number of interactive exhibits all through the museum. David was very taken with a little wooden train set and nearly cried when his dad dragged him away. I wonder what the big kids liked best? They seemed to be having a good time with everything!


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