Saturday, June 02, 2012

Annabelle Solo

Had a very fun time with Annabelle, who came yesterday and stayed until a little after noon today.
It was especially fun to look at kitty pictures on FB. Annabelle said they were "hilarious!" and had
a great time guessing what the kitties were thinking or saying. This was Annabelle's first solo
overnight, but all went very well.
Asked what she would do if she had lots of money, Annabelle said that she would buy lots of Lego
sets and Lego people. She brought her baby doll and promptly put it to bed, wrapped in my froggy
blanket. Then she kept shushing me, because the baby was sleeping. We played with her RC car,
did Mahjong on the kindle as well as a matching game and she did Pet Society on my FB page.
For supper last night A had macaroni and cheese, then more mac and cheese for a snack. Today
 she had bacon for breakfast and more mac and cheese for a morning snack. For lunch, she could
have had pizza, but chose mac and cheese.


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