Monday, November 28, 2011

The Little Old Man

David is such a little old man. One day he was 'researching' on my computer. When finished he sat in a chair near me, crossed his legs and in a sort of Jack Benny mode said, "Aunt Jane, as I see it there are 3 options. Option 1..." He went on to tell me about 3 sets of Legos that he would like to buy and how much each cost. He finished his presentation, with a sigh, saying "I just don't know which to choose...I really have a problem. Trying to be helpful, I asked, " Well how much money do you have?" [The sets were $5, $10 and $20.] "I have $3," he answered, "That is my big problem."

About a year ago [he would have been 6 years old] David gave a big sigh and said, " I really liked it better when I was 4." "What is making your life so hard now that you are 6?" I asked. "Oh," he said, " I have so much to do. It was just easier when I was 4." Imagine... a six year old pining for the "good old days!"


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