Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Yesterday was the most beautiful weather! The sky was blue and the temperature in the 70's. I picked Joyce up at the church in the afternoon. She had been to the glass blowing place with Pioneer Girls. This time she was able to buy some souveniers. She carefully unwrapped her treasures to show me. There was a little glass egg, a tiny teapot and several packs of marbles which she bought to share with her brothers - she even got one for her expected baby sister!
We drove down to Schramm's market for some apples and then on to her Grandma's to meet her mother. I, of course, went on to the chiropractor.
Today was the ladies Bible study. It was a short study and prayer time, because they had a missionary speaker as well as the video. There was also a soup and salad lunch which I did not stay for.
The little ones were here this afternoon. It is a rainy day, so we all stayed inside. I cut up apples for everyone while they busied themselves with crafts and puzzles. David got some computer time in and of course we all had popsicles.
Aunt MJ called to say that she made it through her surgery and all went well.


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