Sunday, October 08, 2006

Yesterday and today

Today is a beautiful and perfect day! The ski is blue The temp about 70 degrees. I would love to be outside right now, but I am enjoying the day from my bedroom window. Perhaps this evening I will be able to be out for a little bit.
Yesterday, I was not able to make another post, but I did have an eventful time! Joyce and I decided to take a stroll. We had not gone far when we met Julie who lives at the other end of my building. She pointed out her strawberries, which were going wild and urged us to dig up a plant to put in my front garden. We did so and returned immediately to get it planted. I hope it does well!
With the job completed we continued our stroll. Joyce found a wooly worm and we noticed that it was mostly brown with just a tip of black on either end. Wooly worms are known to be forecasters of winter, but I have no idea how to read their colors.
We noticed the leaves turning, but there are still many very nice flowers around.
When we got back I had a go at french braiding Joyce's long thick blonde hair. It came out reasonably well. She looked so cute! Unfortunately I never got a picture. Amy called to say that they were ready to come and get both of us and that we were going out to eat! We went to the Texas Roadhouse. Little David had a high chair at the end of our booth, but he was not happy there. I think he just felt insecure. He persuaded his Dad to get him out and then he crawled under the table to his mother where he seemed much more at ease and happy.
The food at the Roadhouse was fantastic! I had a sweetpotato that would have been enough by itself to make a couple of meals. I had a big salad and chicken with portabello muchrooms and cheese. I brought about half of the meal home. The cinnemon butter for the rolls was very yummy too. What a great ending to a great day!


At 1:34 PM, Blogger Wendy said...

Isn't the bread so delicious? We have one by us, and go there maybe about once a year...the kids love it...the food is fantastic...but it is soooo loud!!!


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