Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Today began with the women's Bible study at the Alliance Church. Only today was mission day, so we had a speaker instead of the study and we also had a brunch and did a mission project. The kids came over this afternoon while Amy went to her PT. They seemed extra full of energy. I made popcorn for David, but everyone had some. David wanted to wash dishes and P3 wanted to water the plants. Things got pretty wet around here. David wanted to do puzzles and then he wanted to do tricks and then he grabbed Joyce to hide with him in the 'tent' they made with the quilt. I would say 'Has anyone seen David? He must have gone with his mother." and hear peals of laughter from inside the tent.
It was a beautiful day and we all wanted to be outside. The kids decided to roll down the bank next to my cottage. More giggles! P3 tried summersaulting down the hill, but gave that up when he hit the big drain cover. OUCH! That must have hurt! He did not complain much, but he went back to rolling.
Daniel stayed later than the others so he could have "learning time' with me. He is so precious by himself. I enjoyed every minute!


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