Thursday, September 21, 2006

Watching the 3 Stooges...

The kids laughed the whole way through! [Thanks Bill!] Daniel explained that Curly is "the stupid one" and Moe "looks like a turtle."
Isn't it amazing how laughing lifts your spirits and makes the whole world seem brighter and friendlier? A good laugh can even ease physical pain- I know that from personal experience. A laugh a day is a great help in keeping the doctor away. A good laugh can encourage a better attitude .
God has commanded us to REJOICE! Sometimes we are so burdened that we feel we have to work at finding reasons to rejoice. It can be hard work to smile, and sometimes laughter seems out of the question. It is worth the effort. With practice it gets easier.
I am not equating joy with laughter, but they often do accompany each other.
Rejoice in the Lord. When you think of all that includes you will realize that it is a large and serious subject. Nevertheless, you may find yourself smiling at the realization that you are safe with God, that He has saved you from your sins, that He blesses you abundantly every day, that He has given you purpose in your life and so on and on... Ok, so now that you have a wonderful positive perspective on life, you just may find yourself [despite terrorists in the news and arthritis in your back] laughing heartily at a five-year-old's notion that "Curly is the stupid one!"


At 1:58 PM, Blogger Jemit said...

Ahhh.. kids have such a different view of things.. and they do make me laugh ... yesterday we took the grandkids to Raccoon Creek State Park where Wendell works. He wanted to show off everything..beaver dam, turtle nests, and any wildlife in the nature preserve we could find.. but while standing on the bank and looking down on the magnificent beaver construction site, Daniel looked at his grampa and said " Grampa, this is a park- where are the swings?".. We all laughed at the comment.. Wendell's reply was just right- "This is the educational part of the park.. the swings come after lunch."


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