Friday, September 22, 2006

The phenom!!!

Yesterday, I watched the kids at their own house. I drove there in my "souped up" sounding car. Actually the exhaust pipe broke the other evening when I was bringing P2 home from dropping the van off at the garage. [Last week a deer hit the van,]. As for my car, the kids think it sounds like a motorcycle.
Regretably, I forgot to put my camera in my handbag. The kids showed me the tricks they can do on the stairs- who needs a jungle gym when you have cellar stairs and a wild imagination? The picture that I would most like to have taken would have been inadequate anyway. Maybe a movie would have captured it better. David wanted to show me what he can do on the pc. Amy put in a cd that has coloring pages. David clicked on a color then clicked on the area that he wanted in that color. The picture was David, the shepherd, and his sheep. David gave the shepherd a blue sash. Then he hit the black and made the sky a night sky. "Sheep hide," he said and the sheep disappeared into the night, except for their eyes. Giggling with delight, he said "eye" and one eye went.
I am still in awe that a little 2 year old would have the coordination to make the moves and the developed sense of humor to make the "sheep hide!"


At 1:52 PM, Blogger Jemit said...

oh, brother..... do I have to live down my "hot rod sister"?
That's almost as bad as being labeled "Blaze, the red hot mama"..hehehe


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