Friday, December 14, 2007


Last night the girls arrived, just after supper for a fun filled, girl sleepover. Joyce arrived first and helped get the table ready and the evening craft activity set up. Together we welcomed Natalie for her first time ever sleepover.
We began by getting into paint shirts and painting pop can angel singers. We also made Christmas candy sleds and decorated cookies. The girls decided to watch Polar Express. We snacked on popcorn, pretzel twists and fruit.
Today we had crepes for breakfast stuffed with mandarin oranges and cream. Natalie decided that she would stick with "good old fashioned syrup" on her crepe. We did not waste much time getting back to crafting. We finished up the pop can angels and on to making Rudolph. The girls made a special snowman card to give to a special person.
For lunch today we had a little tea party using the fancy tea cups. We put on fancy hats and attempted to be proper. Natalie wore a beautiful red velvet dress for the occasion!
After the tea party we made some molded fudge candy. Yum!
The girls delighted in each other's company and I delighted in them! They are very dear.
We will have to do this again!


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