Saturday, January 06, 2007


I finally got around to putting away Christmas decorations. What made it seem like a bigger job than it turned out to be is that I did not know where I was going to store everything. There is not much room in this tiny place, so I have to get creative. I still don't know where to put one of the trees, so I decided to rearrange the cans in my kitchen - which is also a challenge. There I was up on the step ladder and listening to a tv program on Elvis Pressley's gospel music when the doorbell rang. It was the kids! All 5 of them with their parents! What a wonderful surprise!!! They were just bringing Amy and Annabelle home from the hospital and stopped to see Aunt Jane. I actually got to hold Annabelle today for the first time. Now that was pure joy! The next best thing to holding Annabelle was seeing Amy looking so rested and beautiful! Next to that it was the obvious pride and pleasure that radiated from all their faces in introducing me to their tiny treasure -baby Annabelle!


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