Thursday, January 04, 2007

Baby Annabelle

Annabelle Louise was born this morning at 9:04 am. 7lbs. 9 oz. Mother and baby are doing fine.
Tears came to my eyes upon learning the baby's name. I was flooded with happy and poignant memories of another precious Annabelle. I am confident that in the years to come we will all enjoy telling this new Annabelle about the one she was named for.
Annabelle Louise will be her own person, but I can't help desiring prayfully that she will have some of the characteristics of Annabelle Leah. I fervently hope she will have complete trust in her Savior knowing that she belongs to Him and is loved by Him. I pray that she will be a strong light in the world developing those spiritual fruits that so characterized Annabelle Leah. Annabelle Louise was loved by her family before she was born. May she always be loved and be a loving blessing to all. I am so eager to see her!


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