Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The baby shower

Friday, after Thanksgiving, we had a family shower for Amy. This was Joyce's idea. I think she is especially pleased that she will soon have a baby sister! We worked together on planning, making decorations, shopping, etc. It was loads of fun and the shower itself was fantastic! We met in the community room at Sunbury Fields, which was just perfect. Everyone brought something to eat and a gift. We had chicken croissant sandwiches, cheesecake, fruit salad, a chocolate fountain, and more. There were games for the kids and for the adults. The bear baby contest was a huge hit, but the balloon relay for the kids was probably as much fun for the adults, who watched, as it was for the kids, who participated. Joyce became Cinderella in a beautiful junior bridesmaid dress. She looked so grown up. [Unless you noticed her feet. She was wearing her little girl shoes and socks.] Many thanks to everyone who came and helped make this a truly memorable event!


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