Monday, July 24, 2006

What a great day! Joyce and P3 wanted to make cards for some special people, so they came this morning and worked away. We watched an episode from a Flash Gordon dvd that I got at the dollar store for $1. I remember watching Flash Gordon when I was their age- before there actually was space travel. It was a good story and held their interest despite being a black and white oldie.
Daniel came to the door just as it was ending and proudly showed us his new shoes. I didn't get to see David and Amy as David was asleep in the car. Later in the day I made the trek to the chiropractor and then over to visit Charlie for a little bit. I took some pictures and picked beans and a couple peppers and a zucchini. The garden looks more beautiful every time I see it! On the way home I stopped for gas. It is still $2.95. I was going to stop and get new batteries for my camera, but decided not to because of the eggs and produce in my car. It is so warm that I would not want to leave anything in the car that might spoil. I had a big plate of green beans for supper. YUMMY!!!


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