Thursday, July 13, 2006

My Flood!!!

Tuesday evening I noticed a wet patch on the floor. Assuming that David, who was here earlier had spilled his water, I got a towel and spread it over the spot and left it to sop up the liquid. I was astonished that my heavy bath towel was soon very wet! Joyce stayed overnight to work on cards, but I faithfully replaced the towels as I noticed them getting wet. Then I realized that the area rug next to the little wet spot was also wet. Hmmm...It also began to dawn on me that there was far more water to deal with here than David's little cup. More like a gallon or more! The carpet and area rug were getting wetter. I called maintenance and Jack came to the rescue. He said the hose from the air conditioner was not in the right place and the water was running out under the wall to the carpet. He fixed the problem and brought a fan over to help dry everything out and helped me to move the table further into the living room. Water certainly can make a mess! Of course it is nothing like the problems in the south or in New York. I really appreciate that my problem could be dealt with so quickly! Many thanks to Jack and to Kristen for calling Jack. Thanks to Doris too, for sympathizing and helping me move the table and fold back the area rug. I feel blessed to have so many helping hands! God is good!


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