Tuesday, July 04, 2006

It seems to be politically incorrect to love the USA these days. The NY Times seems to be on the side of our enemies as they publish information that can only help them and bring potential harm to us. The Dixie Chicks have said it isn't necessary to love your country or some such nonesense. The Words of Sir Walter Scott come to mind. Although he was not American, his words have the ring of truth to any citizen who loves his country.

Breathes there the man with soul so dead
Who never to himself hath said,
This is my own, my native land!
Whose heart hath ne’er within him burned,
As home his footsteps he hath turned
From wandering on a foreign strand!
If such there breathe, go, mark him well;
For him no minstrel raptures swell;
High though his titles, proud his name,
Boundless his wealth as wish can claim
Despite those titles, power, and pelf,
The wretch, concentred all in self,
Living, shall forfeit fair renown,
And, doubly dying, shall go down
To the vile dust from whence he sprung,
Unwept, unhonored , and unsung.


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