Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Michigan Trip

Charlie and I went up to Michigan the last week of February. It was a wonderful time! P2 loaned us his GPS which proved very helpful. The car battery seemed to die when we got stuck in a traffic tie-up in Ohio near the Michigan line. An Ohio State Police Officer came by and gave us a jump which enabled us to continue. We were afraid to plug in the GPS after that lest it drain the battery, so we just turned it on when we needed to know where to make the next turn. When we were nearly to our destination we were detoured to a country road. It was getting dark, but the GPS got us back on the right road without incident. Without it we would have been panicked.
It was so good to see Bill and Carol again! Good to see Paul, too, but we kept our distance from him as he was recovering from a nasty bug.
The next day we went to Glenn's Market and then on to Lake Michigan. We had a delicious lunch at a Chinese Buffet in a little town beside the lake.
The weather was not good for site seeing on Friday, so we stayed in and were treated to selections from Bill's vast collection of radio and old tv programs. We especially enjoyed watching Corner Gas. I miss being able to watch it on tv.
Our trip home was relatively uneventful. It was nice to see the snow disappearing as we neared home. Bill had about a foot on the ground, but at home it was all gone, except for where it had been piled up from cleaning the parking lot.
Going through my pictures, I realize that I never took pictures of Paul's apartment. He did a fantastic job of building his private retreat in the basement. It is just beautiful!


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