Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Too many pc games?

Last week, Thursday, was a beautiful day. The kids were here and we spent practically the whole time outside. We walked all around on the grass. The kids picked up bags of pine cones and we took notice of various signs of spring. The bigger kids remembered last summer's rolling down the bank beside my apartment. David joined them this year, but Annabelle still does not quite get the idea.
When Daniel and David were at the top of the bank poised to roll Daniel challenged David [age 3] to a rolling race down the bank. David did not want to race, but his expression of that was, "No! I do one player, Daniel! One player!" Daniel soon gave up, called "Ready, set, GO!" and rolled down the hill. David, our littlest computer nerd, was still at the top of the hill, saying, "Loading, loading, loading..."


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